The Forage
May 13 – 16, 2021
Sculpture route in the public space of Berlin Moabit

While many of our experiences currently take place online, common space outside the house remains a place to roam the material world with all our senses. The artists of The Forage entangle themselves in this city space. Their interventions embrace, question and subvert what is already there. The works can be discovered with a map, while accidental passers-by may stumble upon them and be momentarily relieved from the cabin fever that’s been going around.

This second iteration of our sculpture route comes at a time when the organisers, artist collective Æ Project, personally felt the need for a perspective: for something that will not be cancelled or postponed. The need for this has only become more urgent since last year. We take what we have learned to present this year’s Forage in the befuddling, industrial, prison-equipped, public-sculpture-rich, ausländerbehörderish, grassroots-active, government-clerk-enlivened, enticing everyday neighbourhood that is the island of Moabit.

The Forage is an invitation to rummage the Kiez in search for these treasures – follow the map all across Moabit!

The exhibition map will be available from May 12 below on this website. The Forage is fully funded by the participating artists.


Æ is a community of artists experimenting in staging impromptu exhibitions adopting public space and bringing people and environment together since 2017. Under a tree next to a museum in Tallinn, on a bridge in between Germany and Poland, on top of a mud volcano in Romania and on the bottom of another volcano in Colombia are examples of the flirtation that the project has with unnamed spaces.

The title Æ comes from its use in the Old English Latin alphabet where it was called 'æsc' ('ash tree'). Today it is referred to as ‘ash’. We chose this letter because of its disappearance from the English alphabet and because ash tree branches are the traditional choice for travellers’ walking sticks.

Currently Æ is organised by Theresa Kampmeier, Gabriela Lesmes López, Esper Postma and Mark Walker.


Æ project, Berlin

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